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Brightening children's & young adults day one chef at a time!

Brightening children's & young adults  day one chef at a time!

Summer Cooking Classes Fort Collins

What We Do

Chefs on the Go provides children & young adults the opportunity to build their cooking skills through the interaction with local restaurants and bakeries. Restaurant chefs will teach children how to cook their specialty and help children further understand the art of cooking. Throughout each session we will go to a new restaurant each day, which gives the participants a new exciting adventure daily throughout the program.


How it Works


This program is divided into two week sessions Monday-Thursday from 10:00 am-11:00 am. Each day parents drop off their kids to a new restaurant and the chefs teaches the children/young adults their favorite item to cook. It's a very interactive and hands on approach to cooking. Every day they have an opportunity to get their hands in the dough and act as real chefs right beside the professionals. For more detail see the registration page for further details. 







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